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Hotel Siusi - Seiserhof in Siusi allo Sciliar

Informationen Situated in the unique landscape of the Schlern Natural park and overlooking Seis on the Schlern, the Hotel Seiserhof has a long history to look back on. It all began in the far-distant 1891 when Maria Liebl, cook to Kaiser Franz Josef and a stranger to the area, fulfilled her dreams and created the foundations for the expansion of Seis and its surroundings through the building of her hotel. From humble beginnings, she succeeded in building up a hotel for the Austrian aristocracy, and many nobles and prominent citizens were to guest at the Seiserhof over the course of the years – a tradition which has remained to this day.
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Hotel Siusi - Seiserhof
Str. Laurin 9
I-39040 Siusi allo Sciliar (BZ)

Tel. (+39) 0471 706125
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