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Guided tour of the village (17.00 - 18.30)

Event date:
11/12/2021 - 14/03/2022
The name "Castelrotto" first appeared in the X century. The origin of the name is Latin - Castellum Ruptum - although it is very likely that the actual foundation of the village took place in Roman times. However, the village has a typical medieval appearance, where all life was centred around the village square. The old houses in the centre of the village are stately manor houses, which indicates that no simple peasants resided here, but rich lords. And the name also refers to the former castle, of which only remains can be found in the chapel of St. Anthony on the Kofel. But we won't tell you everything yet, so you should take part in the guided tour of the village on Monday at 17:00.
Price: Adults: 8,00 Children from 6-14 years 4,00

Saturday: 04./11./18.12.2021
Monday: 10./17./24./31.01.2022 - 07./14./21./28.02.2022 - 07./14.03.2022
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